Riding on Wings

Invisible currents flow over steel, pulling us skyward,

The metal bird swiftly passes through rain storm clouds.

Departing the patchworked fields of an Indiana spring,

Loved ones farewelled,

Eyes gaze expectantly toward distant shore.

A heaven-blown wind flows uplifting, outstretched arms turned wings,

Spirit sets in, lifting powerfully through the night, giving rest in an eternal dawn.

Departing forever a winter of the soul,

Farewelling square wooden boxes,

Our gaze is fixed on the Land to come.


streets of kathmandu

sun valley, brimming temples, colourful worshippers, flowing along narrow alley ways, snow capped himalaya embracing Kathmandu, children fluttering and dancing their paper kites, fragrant restaurant aromas welcome worker and tourist, life, vibrant, bright.



years ago on horseback I found myself gazing upon wild, diverse, beautiful… Colombia

fromĀ El Dorado’s hidden lake to the coast’s salty breeze, flowing green valley rios, sticky-hot jurassic inland-ocean towns, splendorous snowy sierra…