cherry-emerald the pinetree glows

cherry-emerald the pinetree glows,

flickers and beams

from home to street.

petite peppermint mouths

burst indoors with snowy boots,

shedding frosty flakes with giggles.

from white bright woods to cosy fireplace.

the candlelit feast invites,

echoing hope from an infant’s cry deep in time.

gather families!

come friends!

together rejoice,

glow, flicker, beam.



rural life then, euro life now

fired ice-layered ponds, oak-scented cabins, simplicity, hardship, crunchy snow footprints… home

european cafĂ©-scented calle, wine-flowing lunches, office-day, complexity, hardship, grey- and black- and spiky-haired people park-strolling… home


surprizing smoothness, clean-sleek drops, moments of weightless-flight, bright snow shine, shouts from above suddenly below, speed, fun, freedom…