sunlit life

words, like butterflies crossing the ocean, fall short of the pouring joy from greeting kisses, little miss,

giggles like a river bursting a dam, impossible to stop the sweet heart song,

dancing, a twirl of colours, curls, beyond the steps into a delicate soul movement,

we, all out, among thick green fields,

drinking this sunlit life,

thankful for every bright second.




grey wind

wet wind grey, rain glide, fall, splash, finding cold fresh earth, running through valley green, aglow with sunshine, trout among shallows warm, clouds flow above snow kissed peaks, life, wet, cold, clear…


green-blue bright

Fresh flowing ocean breeze onto sand-sticking shore, slippery sandstone coast welcoming seaweed, blue bobbing jellyfish, children giddy with sun soaked laughter splashing among the shallows, green-blue bright windy beach morning…

by jon @peoplepoesia


champagne-sparkling pacific ocean, mingling salty-wet-giggling toddlers along green-blue shallows, bright tall waves falling, foaming, gleaming, feet absorbing sandy wet rest, forgetting hard dry concrete days…