Depth of Nature

The sea like silken water with its triangular-peaked hills rising in front of me, neither relaxed or in a hurry, flows at a speed I wanted to experience.  I paddled frantically, and suddenly, in a breath, the sensation changed from a pulling through the water to a force pushing onto the azul cliff crest. Then there was the perfect rush down, the fall, a thunder of water behind, a liquid slicing turn along  green-blue scenery, a coal-less steam-powered train ride, the only energy nature’s.

In that breath, that ride, I remember that I too am part of this flowing life, and I shout out, thankful, singing, a prayer from within.  Air rushes past, nothing else can matter, my body and mind are consumed by a few seconds.  A delicious sensation, even the salty taste and scent as I inhale, smiling.

Seaside, I walk up the beach in adoration of nature.  My soul feels like my body felt, like a rock being momentarily launched, skimmed over something deep and alive.  And at the end of the ride, at the end of the moment, I sink into that which I love so much.

By Jonathan McCallum



Sea Dance

At rest on barnacled sandstone shore, watching the playful tumbling waves, the white foam falling, splashes a fresh scent of life, a delightful dance.

Words by Jonathan McCallum

unseen ocean embrace

Peace drips from sunlit cloud tops, spilling silvery shine across blue green ocean canvas. Bottle floats glittering, message within, unseen by passing tankers carrying their muck to fill cars, lives with places to be on time.  Skipping down green steep hills to portside school, a glimmer bobbing, clinking on stone.  Reaching in, arm wet, she finds the note: “By this port you found me, beside you I’ll always be.”  Sea catches fresh clean tears, cool breeze whispers, and warmth of a friend embraces unseen.