Soul Anchor

Time ebbs as a cosmic tide, my soul reaches for an anchor.
Is there a sanctuary somewhere? For all of us?
A place like the childhood neighbourly hoods,
Where we roamed on sunlit lawns, dancing to the sway of sprinklers and sun showers,
Carefree, drinking days of liquid life.

Too soon the rainless clouds of adulthood rolled in.
The bills dried us, wars broke us, funerals reminded us,
And we saw the children despairing the world they inherited.
They hum unable to sing, shake unable to dance,
Violence and corruption absorbed through kicks and screens.

Some found you in the stars,
You found me in dreams,
Others in fields, shipwrecks or summits under dark skies dusted with seemingly cold galaxies.
So many orbits ventured, conflict and pain, and hope regained.

There is a pathway
And on this journey I find rest
In the forest, by the sea, on the land you give the gentle.
In the mountains I mourn, by the river I rage, all with you by my side.
As jagged peaks breathe ice and snow, you thaw the mirage of endless winter
A warmth of words spoken softly to the child within.
You sweeten time with togetherness, presence around the table.
Time ebbs a cosmic tide, my soul reaches an anchor.

– Jonathan McCallum

24th December 2017


Dance Within

I cannot
so to syllables I go.
scattering sounds,
sketching something from a landscape within.
to reach
to be drenched
in fields, brooks, flowing clear among green
waterfalls of ice to liquid snow, flowing off mountain cliffs.

life wonderfully bright,
(more than I admit)
cold at night
yet there is star mixed with lunar light.

I hear within while I’m without,
in nature alone:

Be among the
simple things
natural things
dance within the breeze,
move among the sea,
sway beneath the forest canopy,
run under the bright cloud and warming sun.

so I move
almost dance

life is richer
when I allow myself
to become momentarily
lavishly spending
fuller, more pleasurable moments

By Jonathan McCallum

Friendship Breeze

Waves that roll
The day
To be
Beautifully free.
A friend
Our kids
Island in sight
Birds chirp
I Listen
Absorb the soft sea breeze
The friendship.
Many days
Without words
Now they flow
Restful ways
Teach me to praise
All that is good
All that is here in front of me
All that is from You.
Precious around me
Like medicine
I listen
I learn
To be
Like the ones that help me see
The sea
The waves

friendship fathomed


you, invisible,

somehow always here.

Forging, like liquid steel,

friendship in me, that cannot be fathomed.

I feel, wave, upon shore, afresh, with you.

I speak to, you, invisibly there.

And there is more than sea.

I see you walk,

across galaxy,

somewhere within

I see your surfing life with me.

Moments, I breathe, warmth of time lived with you.

To forget you, would be to forget the sea.

Curiously, wonderfully, being with you, makes me me,

Finding you





rhythmic drops

rhythmic wet colourless drops, grey cold narrow alleys, daylight late to shine, coffee-scented doorways, people warmly coated, friendly expressions, welcoming chestnut eyes, finding home again…