Finding My Soul

I’ve been searching.

Finding an ability of my soul.

Humanity, mine, seems to be rescued through humility.

So walk with me through wild peach sunlit afternoons.

Warmth melts down from your reassuring voice.

You speak the language of us (wo)men. Earthy, wine and bread scented, you talk of a paradise now, here in our midst.
The kindness of a community, a kingdom, streaming out healing the days of sadness, the solar bright glimmer of your smile brings hope.

It’s a quiet vulnerability, that you instill in me. It changes everything. Empowering love.

You capture and wrestle my soul into freedom. First I am grounded, forced by love to the ground, the sandy floor of a child’s perspective. It’s from there I see that I can throw out my arms wide, embrace, dance, forget tomorrow, let go of the bruises of yesterday.

Today I am with you, and that makes all the difference.