Midstream Love

ZumaiaBeachbyJonathanMcCallumThere is a power that erodes the hard and impossible rocks of life. A power consistent and unending like a waterfall that can carry us toward the ocean if we let it, if we choose to stay in the midstream of its current. Sometimes when it turns a bend we find a quieter warmer shallower pool, a place to float before the thrill of the deep cool ocean. Then the sunlight dances around us in the place where streams from a thousand rivers meet, greet, unite as a watery one.

Love is this power that allows us to soar into your arms, the arms of a Father, Heavenly yet Earthly–Jesus.

Your action and affection of extravagant love meet our mild and finite affectionate attempts, making possible an entry into an eternal paradise that begins now, today, when we, plunged in the relationship of graceful merciful love, begin the renewing of ourselves and of all things.

Words and Photo (Zumaia, Basque Country) by Jonathan McCallum