Man of Peace

Hills of Tyre, Southern Lebanon
Further along the coast, over the hills, there is a closed border.
A border you walk through, man of peace.

You healed her daughter in these hills,
Persistent trust exchanged for a miracle.

Now, nearby the ancient port where cedar trees were floated to Solomon,
In the souk, I thought I caught a glimpse of you.
Beside you an Arabic speaking man, on the other side a Hebrew speaking man.

You, the one who speaks all languages and, above all, love.
Reuniting Arab and Israeli, even when they mockingly say it can’t be done.
You walk a different path, helping weapons gather rust, clog up with dust,
The streams flow, vineyards grow.
Life with you, life anew.

By Jonathan McCallum
Photos & thoughts about my time in Tyre, Lebanon here: