5 minutes

5 minutes to change into my wetsuit, hood, boots that shield me from chill of spring’s atlantic sea.
5 minutes to trot, short-board under arm, to the grey blue sea.
5 minutes to shiver, paddle-warm-up, duck-dive embrace coldness.
5 minutes and a lifetime to find you, talk with you, Ancient friend.
My heart is shivering before you, you warm it though there is no sun seen.
I hear your words wash, churn, splutter over me.
5 minutes more, waiting to catch a wave to the shore.
Paddling back out, hoping, longing for just
5 minutes more
With you.
Looking skyward every
5 minutes
I wait for grey glare to make way for full, unclouded sunshine.
5 minutes more,
Then I will be with you on that sunlit shore.
5 minutes more.