You’re wild, You’re free, You’re the beginning of everything good.

Deep gnarling roots lifting wet green forests up into blue skies.  Green canopy above children skipping along leafy path; sunshine scattering light upon once strong-tall, now decayed-low logs.   A deep drum reminds me of time that You made and let flow.  This time resounds, this forest grows to its rhythm.  A flute plays among the birds, a tinkling sky-spring flows down over leaves, gathers streams over mud and stone to merge liquid with life.

In Wilderness, with you Wild, I’m free.  So, teach how to just be with You, far from traffic-jammed minds of what may or may not be.  And Your sweet presence revives me even on the city roads, dusty with the broken pieces of our dry souls.

I’m going back up into those snow-capped peaks, those sweet open pastures where foals and birds gather by flowing brooks.  I’ll search out honeycomb and apples among the trees.  Your spring wildflowers I’ll see.

Life, nourishment, rest.  Enjoying the bread, cheese and wine of this new life.  Wild wonderful days, life with You, in Your playground, back to Eden-earth.  Breathing satisfying breaths, wondering and wandering with You.