tapping on stained glass

tired, once child-like eyes following little dancing steps. she sings down the aisles, greeting Him with a dance.

a friendly yet long lecture floats a clichéd and meaningful mix above a well-dressed bunch of once-kids fidgeting and tapping on hidden screens.

she, a child, singing free, looking up unaware of disturbing God or his work, until with heavy heart mum & dad pick her up, explaining with actions that this joy-dance-song from childlike heart is not exactly appropriate.

light pours in from a back window where a Man outside, upset, taps & turns some heads.

on the way out a nice couple nod how wonderful sunday school would be. little she looks ups to ask “why don’t you go there & let me be?” unsure, they respond with confused frowns.

dad, now red and angry that it’s so hard, notices a tapping Man. cracking glass stops sermon and those congregated shout at the Man to stop.

as the crowd forfeits coffee & cake to yell & scream, the tapping Stranger shatters the window, walks un-harmed through the coffee-drinking crowd, sits and sings and stands to dance with little she…