wine & mineral water

light-filled wine red, two men seated, one tense, One happy, One rough-bearded in jeans & tattered t-shirt, listening, one man suited well & full of unseen pride, speaking his mind, explaining reasons why not.

slowly, He looks down towards clean-shaven-faced suited man, where stains of gracelessness appear, his black & white suit seems gray, shabby dressed man’s face reflects deeper joy, He reaches out & turns his friends mineral water to wine…

One man speaks to one man  “join Me and love & don’t condemn, show grace & embrace people, you’re like mineral water, but i want you to be like wine, intoxicate people with love…”

to the amazement of the crowded restaurant the one man, red faced, drunk with anger, strikes the face of One man with a defiant glare.

One bearded man, watching him go, weeps unconcerned by gawking crowd uncomfortably chatting around him..

By Jon @peoplepoesia