salty cool blue

Waves rolling falling tumbling, we all ride & fall the salty cool blue, wondering how happiness lasts.  Green-azul of ocean, clear clean day all around us, warm soft grass-bed picnic, bubbling drinks, spicy foods, sweet fruits, a friend, laughter, joy.  Today I know I’m deeply alive.  I find all of something I had, or forgot about, or was given?  So we talk, I mainly listen and think aloud or to myself, you understand either way.  You’re my friend, I never feel less me with you, you’re kind to me, you care for me.

So I’m here, actually fully here (for a change!), what should we do?  Where should we go?  What would you like to talk about?  I feel like listening, I need you, I’m kinda lost, can you help?  No, no you speak—I want to hear.  I would rather just sit here with you.  But if you ask I’ll go and talk, sit and be with them (though they’re not as nice to be with as you, you know).  Is it really that simple?  The beginning seems difficult.  Is the end far?  Will you stay?

I find it hard sometimes—well, most times.  Thanks for understanding, you’re good to me, really why do you help me so much?  I feel like I’m taking up too much of your time.  Really, you don’t need to be somewhere else?  It’s nice to talk with you.  Ah, what’s this?  Wine?  Bread?  Sure thank you, I’ll remember you.  Oh, you’ll be back tomorrow?  Great!